Unrelated post to food

Sometimes I just wish to run away from this world and go somewhere else to hide.

It would be a place where people forgive and forget, they would also be non judgmental of others, be satisfied with whatever they have, a place where people will repent and learn the real meaning of life…

What do we live for? We do not live just to earn money all our lives and spoil ourselves with luxuries items. It makes me feel that the worth of our soul, our body, and our own life is all weigh monetarily. Which doesn’t make sense. Aren’t we humans living to gain the right knowledge, values and morals? But all I see in us are the seven deadly sins. Because of greed, we can do anything just to achieve what we want, even when it means we have to do things the wrong way. Because of lust, we become unfaithful creatures. Because of gluttony, we become fat. Just kidding. And wrath and envy and pride. We are becoming too cold, too heartless, it makes it scary.

Lets talk about greed. For example, I am actually selling boxes of brownies, cookies, and custom order birthday cakes. And to tell you the truth, I don’t really earn a profit from doing this. The money I get is just enough to pay off electricity bills, and the ingredients I bought. So my mom was telling me why I didn’t want to hike up the price. Also everyone is hiking up prices for their new year goods except for me. You want to know why? It is because I’m just a home baker and I feel that I have not reached the standards to be a real baker yet. I do not have the real qualities of a baker, so if I hike up my price, I actually feel that I am cheating other’s money. When I started this small business, I told myself that it does not matter if I do not earn any profit, as long as I do not have to fork out money to come up with new creations, I am satisfied. It is a good way to improve my baking skills I feel. At least I am not starving myself just to bake for others, I have just the right amount to spend. Get my point? Be satisfied with whatever you have and stay true to yourself.

I’m not saying that my mom is one of those cold and heartless people to the extend that I am scared of her but she’s like a typical Singaporean auntie.. Narrow minded I would say? Yeah and my dad, he’s unhelpful… I don’t know why he is like that. Maybe due to past experiences he feels that being helpful gets him nowhere? And my boyfriend, he is super negative. People around me are like this basically. All the negative triads. I do not know why. Is that the real meaning to life?

If only money didn’t exist, life would be better I feel. We might be then in a better place where everyone’s heart is as big as the sun (I wish that happens). Sometimes I just want to run to the streets and shout ‘YOU ARE LIVING LIFE WRONGLY’ to everyone’s faces. But no, I’ll get arrested and be put to a mental hospital for life.


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