the keeper

let’s start this year off on a happy note, shall we?  a hopeful little blog, a big announcement teaser (coming at some point this week) and a cup of coffee.  or green tea, whatever.

i’ve given girls a hard time here at AWGTW, but the truth is, i like them.  mostly.  i am one.  i gave birth to one.  i have one for a mom.  some of my best friends are girls.

girls are neat.

but there’s one that shines brighter than most.  a girl that has become the gold standard for the rest of us.

the keeper.

the reason she’s the keeper is because her value is high and her issues are few.  she’s not perfect, but she might be perfect for the guy lucky enough to land her.  she may have hints of other types of girls in her DNA, but her overriding awesomeness keeps them in check.

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