Cinammon Rolls

Alright, I have been craving for cinnamon rolls since 2 days ago, and yesterday was the first time i tried one. I ended up eating bread the whole day. Nothing else, just bread. HAHAHA. Yes, you can say I love bread. So what I did was, I went online to search for good cinnamon rolls in Singapore and I decided to buy them from Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux, located at 57 Killiney Road.


I ended up rushing out of the house without having breakfast, just so I could get my hands on their awesome cinnamon rolls and not be late for work. They sell not only cinnamon rolls, but other breads, cakes, and cookies that are of reasonable prices. It’s actually a small cafe, serving baked stuff and sandwiches made using their homemade bread. It was heaven. Their bread were so fluffy and soft. Love at first sight/taste I don’t know.

Again, today I rushed over to Freshly Baked to get their cinnamon rolls before going to work and this time, I bought croissants too. Not bad I would say. Here is the address and telephone number.

57 Killiney Rd
6735 3298



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