After a long break

Haven’t been blogging for quite some time huh. Been busy with exams and other stuff until today, I decided to bake rum cupcakes with coffee frosting as I have rum flavouring at home. There it is. Awesome cream cheese coffee frosting. The rum flavoured cupcake was mehh.. Not great but still edible. I still have to improve on the vanilla cake texture, and of course, it would be better to infuse real rum into the cupcakes.

So what I found out was, I can reduce the amount of icing sugar in the frosting as the coffee paste thickens it up. And adding too much sugar will also make the frosting runny. Yeap, I learnt new things today.


Also, during the previous week I baked this Lana rosettes cake for a friend for her friend’s birthday. Awesome ~ Haven’t done these rosettes for awhile. I also found a perfect Swiss Meringue Buttercream (SMBC) recipe, but today, I found better after doing research.


I actually used ratio to compare the different SMBC recipes on different blogs, and also the proportioning of sugar and butter. I want something not to sweet and not too buttery because the overpowering butter tend to spoil the flavour of a good cake, or a flavoured SMBC. So my conclusion is… Nasi Lemak Lover‘s recipe! She lives in Singapore like me, a humid and hot weather so her recipe’s really suitable for the weather here. Also, according to my graph, it is similar to Sweetapolita’s recipe, with only abit of changes such as abit more butter and abit lesser sugar. The proportioning of the butter and sugar is also not to far apart, difference of 1.36 and 1.6. By the way, the higher the number, the more butter than sugar present, So there you go, I compiled my results in this table.



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