Creative ideas

After talking to Lance (mom’s awesome colleague), I was so inspired I decided to bake with all my heart and soul. Not that I did not use my heart and soul in the first place but, I am going to stop being lazy. How? I decided to put away my electric mixer, even if I’m making meringue or whipped cream. I’ve also started double sifting my flour and other dry ingredients, to create a softer texture for the cakes.

And how did it go? Well, using a regular whisk to whip out cream or create meringue wasn’t hard at all, like seriously! And double sifting my dry ingredients did not take very long either. Oh and lastly, I felt that it was crucial to catch the timing of the cupcakes being cooked. Imagine a bell curve, the maximum point of the graph is where your cupcakes are cooked with the best texture, and having the conditions. Once the bell curve moves downwards, your cupcakes will have already been overcooked. I did it today, I caught the optimum timing of my cupcakes being cooked.

Prior to this, I have also been thinking of new flavours for my cupcakes, It’s boring seeing the same flavours everywhere I go, and baking the same old things everytime. After all, I want to add new recipes into my collection too (: I have decided on Cookies and Cream Cupcakes. Tried it once before, but it tasted like a chocolate cupcake with regular buttercream. What I am looking for is a cupcake tasting like Oreo cookies. Since the cookie is just 2 chocolate cookies with a cream filling, the cupcakes of course will be a chocolate cupcake with crushed oreo cookies. However, the challenge is how to make the cream taste like the cream filling in Oreo cookies? Well, they taste icy, and abit like white chocolate. This is my clue, white chocolate. But there are so many white chocolate frosting recipes, from buttercream to cream cheese. I will have to experiment each and every type to determine which is the best. In the mean time, stay tuned!




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