Homemade caramel sauce

Firstly, I would like to thank Lance for giving me this wonderful recipe and tips (: I will be looking forward to more learning opportunities from you.

My first attempt in making caramel sauce and it succeeded, not to a large extend but still.. The texture was definitely there, but thing is, when I added butter to the browned sugar syrup, I didn’t mix the mixture evenly. so the butter and sugar did not get to bind well. I also went to stir the sugar while dissolving it causing clumps! There were lots of mistakes. But oh well, ways of improvement for me ^^ At first I couldn’t decide which recipe to use. Whether to melt the butter first and then add in the sugar to dissolve? Or Dissolving the sugar then add the butter. But I ended up using the recipe given by mom’s friend, as I strongly believe that the recipe is super reliable, because he’s a chef (Y)

2013-07-16 17.15.59

This is what I’ve found out about the making of caramel sauce:

Sugar burns really easily, so when dissolving your sugar, use very low heat and be super patient. If you’re using granulated sugar, it is fine to stir your sugar till it dissolves. But if you’re using fine sugar, you should never stir it, or the sugar will clump up into crystals,which was what happened to mine but I can’t be bothered if the final product fails, I’m going to continue with the steps because this is a learning process.

Butter burns slower that sugar, thus some recipe calls for melting of butter before placing sugar into pot/pan to dissolve. This also helps sugar not to burn so easily. If you dissolved your sugar before adding butter, please add your butter slowly if not the sugar and butter will not bind well. Another mistake of mine. I dropped one whole lump into the dissolved sugar cause I’m just too bad ass.

Heavy cream, yes heavy cream. This is the simplest step man. Just pour the heavy cream in after sugar and butter has been bind. Which is the third mistake I made. You are supposed to pour in heavy cream slowly, bit by bit, but I’m just too bad ass to do that.

When doing all the steps above, use super low heat to avoid burning. Lastly, cook your caramel sauce to the right consistency. This is the crucial part, if your boiling mixture is too runny, nah it will suck. If its too gluey, it will become toffee/caramel candy when it cools. Here comes the tricky part, to get the right consistency, use your ‘feel’, well that’s what I do (: Unless you got a candy thermometer. To get the right consistency, the mixture will still be runny when hot, but not too runny. See? Confusing right? That’s why, use your ‘feel’ or a good candy thermometer, preferably a digital one. I have the needle one at home and I feel its useless.

That’s all guys, have fun making your own caramel sauce ^^ I didn’t post the recipe up cause its not mine. Also, I feel that whatever the recipe is, technique is still the most important factor.


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