Bacon Party

We fried bacon, we ate bacon, we made bacon cupcakes (:

My friends have been giving me this idea of making cupcakes with bacon just because they like bacon, ALOT, and they thought that it might go well with cupcakes because they like both. We discussed for days and decided to experiment on bacon cupcakes today. It was bizarre to me at first, but after trying out the end product, I was wowed, mostly cause it was my first time eating bacon.

Bacon is a cured meat prepared from a pig, with large quantities of salt. And do you know? Bacon consist of ingredients that evokes an addictive neurochemical response. How cool is that. Even though bacon is addictive and delicious, it comes with a price. It increase chances of getting heart disease and diabetes due to high salt content. Now that is sad. I didn’t know anything about bacon till now. I thought that it was some part of a pig’s body but no, every part of a pig’s body can be made into bacon! Bacon’s gonna be all I think of for the whole week.

I used a vanilla cake recipe that uses oil instead of butter, and replaced around 1/4 of the oil with bacon drippings. Then I diced the fried bacon and mixed it into the batter. For the cream I used whipped cream with abit of maple syrup, and topped the cupcake off with maple syrup drizzle, chocolate drizzle, and not forgetting, BACON.

Look at the beauty of this high preservative food,


the result of our bacon cupcakes,


and the results of my friends decorating cupcakes for the first time!

IMG-20130709-WA0007  IMG-20130709-WA0005  IMG-20130709-WA0006

Thanks Connie, Sarika and Anne for flooding my kitchen with bacon and cleaning up the kitchen after the mess <3


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