Trial and Error

For today, I have been trying to perfect two recipes; chocolate cupcake and red velvet cupcake. I do have a red velvet cupcake recipe in hand actually, but I altered the recipe to a chocolate cupcake. So I want another red velvet recipe with a different texture. I was looking for the velvet like texture, as it is called red velvet cupcakes for a reason.

I wasn’t expecting for the best results, but oh my god… the chocolate cupcake recipe came out sooooo moist and fluffy it felt like sponge. I even squished and squashed the cupcakes cause it was literally sponge-like. But then the red velvet cupcakes came out terrible. I left the batter out to stand for too long before popping them into the oven, and I also added too much sugar in the batter. The cupcake had a crust on top and just one bite made me sick. Terrible mistake.

And what’s my plan tomorrow? Trial and error for red velvet cupcakes. I can do this ;)




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