Red Velvet Cupcake

I baked ugly macarons yesterday. Yup, they were ugly. Mostly because I did not process the almonds to the flour texture required for a smooth macaron. I have been practicing to bake macarons for so long and I finally succeeded yayyyy. Basically there are 3 types of failed macarons and I had all 3 as my end products before. The cracked ones, the ones that were smooth but had no feet, and the ones that had beautiful feet but crack. It was just so heartbreaking seeing your hard work go to waste but now it has finally paid off, just that it wasn’t smooth cause I did not have a food processor at home.


So today I compensated by baking red velvet cupcakes which were traditionally red, but I did mine without any food colouring, as I hate to use food colouring. I also used chocolate cream cheese frosting instead to make it more chocolatey, with stripes of chocolate ganache. However, I still like it better with the original cream cheese frosting.

History of red velvet cakes: They were traditionally frosted with French-style butter roux icing, but it was time consuming. So people replaced it with buttercream and cream cheese frosting since it was white too. The red colour was also achieved from beetroot, before red food colouring was created. Beetroot also helps to retain moisture, together with vinegar and buttermilk, thus producing such a moist and fluffy cake.




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