What makes home cooked meals so special?


What’s inside that little pot? It’s the braised mushroom my dad cooked for dinner today. And what makes it so special? That’s cause it’s home cooked. Home cooked meals are soooo beneficial.

  • It is healthy and nutritious compared to what you eat outside.
  • It gives you the feeling of ‘home’, and warmth as it is your loved ones who prepare these meals specially for you.
  • It brings a family together, and how? Family members tend to help out in meal preparations which is an act of giving and sharing love. Thus members in the family interact more, increasing their relationship between one another.
  • It is also cheaper than the food outside more not necessarily, depending on the price of ingredients you are using, or the price of food you normally eat outside.

Today, dad decided to cook at home as the haze was too terrible we shouldn’t even step out of the house. He made braised pork mushrooms and steamed red snapper for dinner. It was one of the rare chances for me to catch him in action in the kitchen and help him out as I, was always either out of the house or locked up in my room.

I took some pictures of how he prepared those dishes to share with you.


The mushrooms have been soaked overnight before being drained. Then dad cooked the roasted pork with raw pork belly with chopped garlic. After the raw pork belly’s done, he added chicken stock, the drained mushrooms,all the seasoning seen above, and water. According to dad, you should cook the pork first, before adding in garlic and oil, if not the garlic will burn as pork cooks slower than garlic.


Also, add a cube of rock sugar in your mix before placing everything in the pot to boil further. The difference between rock sugar and regular sugar is that rock sugar has an aroma to it.


And for the end product….


But that’s not all, here’s the steamed red snapper.


Pork belly fats, chinese onions, sour plums, soya sauce and water was thrown in with the fish. The water was boiled before placing the fish was steamed for 10 mins. According to dad, if the fish is big, it should be steamed for 15 mins. But this one’s small, so 10 mins or so is fine.

At the end of today, I feel that home cooked meals tend to be more delicious than food outside, maybe because dad was a great cook(haha), or maybe because warmth and love are some of the ingredients used to prepare these meals. Not everyone is good at cooking, and some might even suck when it comes to cooking for their families, but its the thought that counts right? My mom suck at cooking, according to my dad. But I still appreciate her thoughts and sincerity. At least its edible. So to everyone out there, even if your loved ones don’t cook very well, encourage them to try harder or even better, give them tips and NICE opinions. Because they spent time and effort preparing meals for you, discouraging them is a no no ):

But what would you do if the ones cooking for you have no interest in that area(and kinda suck too) but instead, are just doing it for the sake of filling your stomach? WIll you still continue encourage them?

(I know the borders for some pictures weren’t nice, but I’m to lazy to edit it further)


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