Saving $$ Day 4

Thursday 13/6/13

Either I decided to starve myself the whole day yesterday or I forgot to take photos, I don’t know which is which. I think I might have just forgotten what I was doing yesterday. Right, sucks to be me. Today, I woke up to find salmon, potatoes and carrots and I was like, oh my god, all of my favourites! I guess my mom bought them. Either that or my fridge does magic. With those ingredients, I decided to make poached salmon. It was my first time poaching a salmon, but i guess it was quite easy. Boiled a pot of water with potatoes, carrots and stock cube, and then poached the salmon for about 7 minutes. Well for the sauce, I just had to cheat cause I was lazy. I used the carbonara pasta sauce with some other seasoning.

Seriously, I feel that I have been neglecting my oven. I’ve been wanting to bake brownies, but Fairprice is just too far away.. If only they have delivery services :/ The weather is really hot nowadays too, I can’t step out of the house or else my skin will glitter under the Sun. Yup you heard that right, my skin glitters under sunlight. I was just kidding.


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